About The Room Arranger


Rita Wood, The Room Arranger specializes in helping clients give their home a new look using existing furniture and accessories . . . in one-day at an affordable price!  

The Room Arranger has worked with clients in Upstate New York, Southwest Florida and in Southern California.  Rita has been featured in several local publications and has been a guest on both radio and television programs.  

Trained by Laurie Ward, author and pioneer of the use-what-you-have concept, The Room Arranger has been a certified member of the Interior ReDecorators Network since 1999.  Rita is uniquely qualified to involve, inform and inspire clients and is dedicated to helping them re-create their home so it's more comfortable, functional and attractive. Your place will be transformed into a space you'll be proud to call home!

Ms. Wood recently moved back to Temecula after being gone for several years.  She is very happy to be home again  and looks forward to rediscovering all that Southern California has to offer.

Please call or text us at 315-481-9659 or send an email to Rita@TheRoomArranger.com

Published in The Press Enterprise